Reliable Secure Advancement

is a prophetic ministry that endeavours to support individuals, churches, organisations and businesses in prayer to discern the voice of God to facilitate advancement.

RSA was birthed as the result of the Lord pointing out to Rev Dr. Shade first; that some people were of the opinion that He didn’t talk to them and secondly that people didn’t seek specific answers from the Lord when making important decisions.

Our Focus

Listening Ears - God’s & Ours

This is our prophetic training school where we teach our students to recognise the voice of God and sharpen the hearing of those who already do.

The Prayer Centre

This is our monthly forum where we have worship, prayers and prophecy.

Online Courses

We currently have an online prayer course accessible for everyone to learn how to pray effectively.


We offer one 2 one mentoring designed for you. Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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