The Prophetic Experience

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Reliable Secure Advancement (RSA)

RSA is a prophetic ministry that endeavours to support individuals, churches, organisations and businesses in prayer to discern the voice of God to facilitate advancement.



Shade Esther Adeyemi

Rev Dr. Shade Esther Adeyemi is the founder of RSA. A prayer and prophetic ministry, which endeavours to bring a word in season to individuals, churches and businesses for their next steps.

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Ordelia Prophetic Training Student

I already had some knowledge about the Prophetic, but the training helped me refocus on the various ways God speaks to us and how to avail ourselves to hear Him and share with others in various ways. The encouragement to practise in the safety of the training environment, helped me gain alot of confidence as most of the prophecies were on point for the person it was for. I really enjoyed the training and learnt alot and fortunately our training team members still want us to meet occasionally and share our progress.

Olawunmi Prophetic Training Student

The prophetic training has really helped me to develop spirituallly, I have the confidence to speak to God like a friend and a father not like a boss. Thanks to Rev. Shade she’s a good listener, so calm and friendly. Overall I will say it’s a good experience spiritually and mentally for m

Sylvia Prophetic Training Student

I was able to use the safe platform provided to practice hearing God speak and as a result gained a new level of confidence. I began to speak into the lives of those around me and pray with them. An excellent course for all who want to hear God and obey Him!!

Cassie Prophetic Training Student

It was the most wonderful experience learning from you. Thank you for providing a safe and open forum. You are a fantastic teacher. It was lovely getting to know everyone and to develop and excercise our prophetic muscles together. I’m grateful to my classmates for sharing their stories and being trusted compadres.

Grace Prophetic Training Student

Coming on the prophetic training course helped me to reconnect and realign with hearing clearly from God. The training also helped me to build up boldness to speak when God gave me the word to deliver to an individual.

Maggie Prophetic Training Student

I had various questions at the beginning of the training, which were all answered during the course. Even though I have been a follower of Christ for many years, i still yearned to know what God sounded like and be able to hear His voice. Through the course, I can speak His word with confidence and boldness. Rev Shade and the class made me feel secure on this journey of discovering God In His fullness. Thank you Rev Shade.

Joy Prophetic Training Student

I am very happy that I had the opportunity to be part of the complete Prophetic Training course over a two year period. Rev Shade is an amazing tutor who creates a safe environment and friendly atmosphere for leaning. She's an encourager, very humble and accessible. She gives simple and practical examples and explains things thoroughly, which made is easy to understand the lectures. I learnt so much. I wasn't aware before the training thatI could ask God questions and receive answers. Also I could not differentiate between the Spirit of God, the devil and my own desires. I was not confident to speak out when God revealed something to me. Following the training, I have become confident, bold and able to give accurate prophecies from practising in class. The students do not want part with our amazing tutor and have requested ongoing training. We appreciate you Rev Dr Shade Esther Adeyemi.

Daniel Prophetic Training Student

It has been a wonderful experience developing in the prophetic. the course materials, teaching style and the teacher is such a blessing. The interactive nature of the class, gleaning and learning from one another makes the scripture "Iron sharpens iron" ring true. Thank you Rev Shade for taking us where we ought to be and helping us excel. God bless you ma.

Nkem Prophetic Training Student

The prophetic training course has been life changing for me. Rev Shade is a natural teacher who opened my eyes to a deeper relationship with God and a greater understanding of who He is. I attended both the beginners and advanced course and was grateful for the safe environment that Rev created to ask my questions and practice what I was learning. The prophetic training course was the catalyst to me digging deeper in my prayer and bible study life and I will be forever grateful to Rev Shade for making this available.